Buy paracord survival bracelets and anklets that can also function in many different survival situations just like they were used by US soldiers in WWII. 550 survival bracelets and paracord products.
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About Paracord Bracelets

Paracord Bracelets and Anklets

A Parachute cord, 550 cord, or paracord bracelet is made from a lightweight nylon material that was originally used in US parachutes and made famous during WWII.  The strength of this material has also made them useful amongst the public for general purposes as well as for survival situations.  The material was even reported to have been used by astronauts to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.  Since paracord has been found to be so  versatile, and is also a comfortable fashion piece, we have decided to make them available to the public in a variety of colors in the form of paracord bracelets and anklets.

The paracord material is nylon, with a  relatively smooth texture, making it ideal for use around the wrist or ankle.  Nylon is a material that gives certain elastic properties, hence its use in many applications including fabrics, bridal veils, carpets, the strings of musical instruments, and rope.  Solid nylon has been used in mechanical parts such as machine screws, gears and other low-to-medium stress components that were previously cast in metal.  Suffice to say, nylon is diverse in its use and became a very popular synthetic substitute for silk after it became scarce during WWII.  You can use your paracord bracelet or anklet in many different situations including lashing for shelter, fishing line, anchor line, sewing thread, a trip line, a lanyard, as a tourniquet, a sling or splint!

Paracord Usage in the Military

Because the popularity of the paracord material stems from the use of the US military, it may be of some value to explain its applications by soldiers.  Although the material was first introduced to paratroopers, it was accessible to nearly all soldiers and was used in nearly all situations where light cordage was needed.  The versatility of paracord made it helpful when attaching equipment to harnesses, when tying rucksacks to vehicle racks, securing camouflage nets to avoid enemy contact, as a pace counter when estimating terrain covered by foot, and as fishing line, sewing thread and for other relevant survival applications.

Paracord's unique properties resist rotting and mildew, making use of them on the wrist or ankle ideal to prepare you for whatever situation you find yourself in.  We use the same specs traditionally used by the US military- 550 cord that measures 3/8 inch or 9.525 mm in diameter.  Get your own personal multiuse paracord bracelet or anklet today and use your survival bracelet in new ways.  We will even replace your paracord bracelet at no cost to you if you ever need to deploy it for use! Just send us the the unused portion and tell us the story of how you used it.
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